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Body By Sergio, proven leaders in health and fitness.

The name “Sergio’s” and now Body By Sergio (BBS) is synonymous with health and fitness professionalism. We specialize in proven long lasting weight loss programs, Type II diabetic remission programming, and high level stress management sessions. All while producing fit and healthy bodies.

Here at our location, 110 North Front St., Unit B - King George Square, Belleville, our focus is on private environment personal training. We recognized that many of our clients wanted an environment that eliminates the intimidation factor that many people feel when walking into a gym or traditional studio ...

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A question frequently asked of me is, “Why should I become a client of yours?” My answer is this, “who do you want working for you, a person with limited or great experience?” The answer I always get back is, “the person with a great deal of experience, of course.” That is what BBS offers you in the field of health and fitness, a great deal of experience. Our process is tried, tested and true.

I have personally trained and developed nutritional and fitness programs, as well as, advised and counselled, doctors, professional sports athletes, strength athletes, fitness and beauty models, corporate executives, and other professional trainers. We partner with our clients so that they achieve the full benefit that proper and sound training and nutrition yields. My experience in the field of health & fitness is in excess of 25 years, it has been a life time of experience.

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